Life Sucks, But I'm Okay

by Mega



Limited Edition of 150:
- special edition of 20 on color vinyl
- standard edition of 130 on black vinyl
Digital download included

MEGA co-production with One Chord Wonder:

Recorded & Mixed at New Recording Studio by Frederic Mazzei: www.facebook.com/pages/New-Mood-Recording-Studio/113502288734899


released March 1, 2014



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Mega Italy

punk rock from Italy

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Track Name: Break The Ice
Do I have to be sorry for this?
I can’t communicate, it’s so hard to relate
I’m doing my best behind this mask of sanity
I’m doing my best with the human beings

Do I have to be sorry for that?
What if I say I can’t stand the whole human race?
Okay now Ra might be thinking that I’m on drugs
I’m doing my best even if it’s not enough

Oh I’m only trying to break the ice
sometimes I feel so sick
annoyed by the human beings
my species behavior freaks me out

well I don’t have to be sorry now
I’m just paying the price for this disorder
and I never had what I wanted
Track Name: Your Vice Is A Locked Room
Your vice is a locked room and only I have the key

No guests in Villa Ruvigny last night
and no one will ever find you alive
Satan goes crazy for sheep’s eyes
where is that bloody cat tonight?
I’m gonna kill you and hide you in a wall in the cellar
Track Name: The Strange Vice Of Mrs. Wardh
Yeah, razor-slashed again
oh Mrs. Wardh you should be afraid
the blade is gonna ride
and another woman will be killed tonight

yeah, razor-slashed again

hey relax, Julie relax
The worst part of you is the best thing you have
and will always be mine
a glint of steel and flash of light

yeah, razor-slashed again

Oh Julie,
Nothing brings us closer than having a vice
in common with you Mrs. Wardh
Dr Arbe saved your life but you are still dead anyway
Oh julie you are used to bealways on your way
Track Name: All The Colors Of The Dark
No Richard! Please, don’t leave
you don’t know what happens to me
when I try, when I try to sleep

Please Dr Burton, help me
I'!I use to dream about a black seat
And I’m scared, I’m scared to death!

I’m not afraid of the dark
I’m not afraid of the dark
I’m not afraid, my worst enemy is being alone
I’m not afraid of the dark

Oh Richard stay with me
I’ve crossed the borders of reality
when I tried, when I tried to sleep

Oh Dr Burton, help me!
I wasn’t dreaming and I really killed!
And they say that I can’t go back

I’m not afraid of the dark
I’m not afraid of the dark
I'm not afraid My worst enemy is being alone
I’m not afraid of the dark
I’m not afraid of the dark I’m not afraid
I don’t know what’s real anymore!
I’m not afraid of the dark
Track Name: Shoot Straight From My Heart
I’m trying to improve my social life
and trying to break my habits and schemes
I’m trying for you oh I’m gonna break the rules

I’m trying for you, I’m trying to try
and when the phone rang, my heart woke up
and stayed up all night so nervous, oh girl about you

What are you going to be doing for the next 5 minutes?
What are you doing just right now?
Oh baby what’s happening in that room?
Shoot straight from my heart now
Oh baby whatever you are doing
Shoot straight from my heart now
Shoot straight from my heart oh no

And I heard you crying telling someone that I was there
but you still feel all alone you still feel so alone
Track Name: Can't Let Her Go
Oh oh, I can’t let her go now
Oh no, I can’t let her go now
Love is short, but forgetting is long

Oh oh, I can’t let her go now
Oh no, I can’t let her go how
many lies can be packed in a love song
so I smile when all I want to is cry

Yeah Yeah baby is gonna be alright

It’s time for us to work it out so, why we start right now?
Oh please let me work it out or am I out of time?
Track Name: 501st Legion
Ready to die
the Empire Strikes Back and i’m in first line
“I miss you my love”
I’ve got a letter for herunder this white Stormtrooper armor

I’ll be strong
strong enough for this battlefront
501st is my Legion and we are fighting for Planet Hoth

But if I die, I die alone

Shooting the Rebels
under this snow with my Light Blaster
but feeling alone
i’m not a plastic boyand i’m gonna get you down first
Track Name: Piranha '78
The moon is bright and they breed like flies
so let’s jump! baby jump in for a night swimming
You and me into the night
who can catch us?

stay back! baby stay back!
this is my last goodbye
piranha is gonna eat me alive!

They’ve got razor teeth and i start to bleed
oh what a bad idea was the skinny dip
You and me into the night
who can catch us?

As you can see my babe, my time has come
These fucking fishes are gonna bring me down
so they could even eat my heart, but not our love
Track Name: The Art Of Ruin
What am I supposed to do?
now I’m here thinking of you
and I wish I could have met your needs

I ruin everything I touch
and “disappoint” is my brandmark,
I’m a mess, I’m not fun, and this song sucks

oh oh baby I can’t do it anymore
so what? what would MacGyver do in my shoes?

Is everything ruined?
Is ruined, oh no.

No, I don’t believe in luck
and I don’t have the nerve to say stop
I could but I won’t be, I don’t fit in
Track Name: Pretend To Be Happy
As you can see
i’m just too skinny
and this beer is my Happy Meal
so what can I say?
life sucks but I’m okay

don’t break my routine
don’t start me thinking please
Gimme oki, not Aspirin
I’m too old for a teenage dream
who cares? I just wanna sleep

And when i fake a smile for you,
well, I’m just pretending to be happy
I pretend to be happy
Track Name: A Fantastic Fear Of Everything
Sleep, dream, wake up and breath
staring at the wall
dark, light, zombies and rats
lord of the nightmares
balls, dogs, freesbes and kids
I’m anxious, you’re happy
unread mails and missing calls
no news, good news

your friends are frightening
and why that guy is staring at me?
please don’t leave me all alone
i don’t care if he’s only seven
i’m too young to go to heaven
take me home, tonight is the night of
fantastic fear of everything

I can’t stand my behaviour no more
I put my head in a plastic bag with some holes
‘cause I don’t wanna live
but I’m afraid of choking
Track Name: Meant To Me
I don’t really know what you did to me
just one look and my heart starts beating
like “Teenage Lobotomy”
and you are the only girl who knows what I mean
and so let me show you what you meant to me

I wanna show you now

I don’t really know what happened to me
just one look my head starts spinning
like “Teenage Lobotomy”
and you are the only girl who knows what I mean
and so let me show you what you meant to me